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Newsletter for June 2020


Hi everyone, I hope that everyone is healthy and enjoying the nice weather that we've been having!

The June 16th run-through at St. Mary's fairgrounds is cancelled. We are starting June with online classes, and we'll wait and see how June unfolds as to how long we need to continue.  My hope is that by July, if not before, we will be back in the studio, with restrictions and guidelines, and more on that will be forthcoming when we know we can open.

I'm still pursuing venues, will be looking at some this week, for a recital first part of August.  Depending on the restrictions we may need to have the recital outdoors, but if state or county guidelines permit, we will have an indoor recital. It all depends on what the restrictions are for social distancing, and if outside venues are recommended for larger gatherings. Don't despair, I have not given up, and I'm feeling more and more optimistic as each day passes, as more and more businesses are able to open, and restrictions are becoming less restrictive.

I have emails into county commissioners and Governor Hogan's office and as soon as I receive replies to give me input on the best place to have a recital, and I secure a place and date, I will let you know! We will need the month of July to reunite the classes in the studio and have regular classes to get ready for the recital!

For June just pay half of your tuition like you did in May. Thank you for trying to make the virtual classes work. Present the idea to your kids with excitement and that you can 'watch' them practice, and how much fun that is, and hopefully they will receive it better! Trust me, the teachers and I would much prefer 'live' classes at the studio, the online classes take way more time to do!

If you are a five, ten, 15, or 20-year recipient and you've already emailed me (as I have ordered the awards) please send me preferably a head shot picture by June 8th to include in our recital book. Send the picture as an attachment, label the child's name and what award she/he is getting. Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The recital book will be smaller this year, and if you’d like to put an 'ad' in the book, an email will be sent out this week with instructions as to how you can do that! This offsets the printing costs for having the book printed so we would appreciate any ads that you may want to include, but it will be limited to the size this year. Sometimes people who are celebrating a five, 10, 15, or 20 anniversary like to take out an ad since that is a special recital!

That's all for now, please keep encouraging your child to practice the recital routines, so when we get back into the studio we can rehearse and regroup all routines and get them ready for the recital.

  Keep dancin'
  Ms. Gracie