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Grace Myles



It is my desire to bring the passion that I have for dancing into the hearts of my students.  My staff and I feel that dancing should be fun, plus a learning experience.  Dancing also helps to build confidence and self-esteem, as well as enhances the development of motor skills.  Dancing increases creative thinking, promotes rhythm, and adds sparkle and charm to life!  Only through repetition can one fully achieve success, so it is necessary to practice if one is to feel success and achievement! So, encourage your child to practice!  Once your child's dance routine is established, you may arrange a time with the teacher to videotape the routine so that your child can practice at home.  Remember, you can always video tape and take pictures at parent observation classes, held periodically throughout the year!

My hope is that the students enjoy their dance experience, will feel a commitment to their dance team members and to themselves and will experience enthusiasm  and excitement as they learn the many techniques of dance.  We look forward to sharing our talents with you!


Remember if the parents are supportive, the children will have a more positive attitude towards policies and dancing in general!  Let's make this  another wonderful year!


Just Keep Dancin'!!!!



Dance Educators of America
International Tap Association
Attended University of Maryland
(major/minor: education/dance)
Recipient of Choreography and Entertainment Awards
Who’s Who among Business, 2000, 2002
Grand Champion Winners at Dancers, Inc. National Competition 2009