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It is my desire to bring the passion that I have for dancing into the hearts of my students. My staff and I feel that dancing should be fun, plus a learning experience. Dancing also helps to build confidence and self-esteem, as well as enhances the development of motor skills. Dancing increases creative thinking, promotes rhythm, and adds sparkle and charm to life! Only through repetition can one fully achieve success, so it is necessary to practice if one is to feel success and achievement!

My hope is that the students enjoy their dance experience, and will feel a commitment to their dance team members and to themselves.

Our goal for this year, and for the past 30 years, has been to teach technique, choreography, build self esteem, confidence and character, while setting an environment for learning dance steps and skills, in a comfortable, yet firm manner. We want the children to have fun, but part of the fun should be the challenges one is gaining from learning to dance!

My staff and I welcome your input and concerns, and the best way to contact me, is by emailing me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Thank you again for your continued interest and support!

Dancingly yours,

Grace Marie Jett Myles
Dance Educators of America
International Tap Association
University of Maryland, elementary education and dance
Recipient of Choreography and Entertainment Awards
Choreography Award World Dance Championship 2018
Rock Forever - third highest Super Group - World Dance Championship 2018
National Champion and 2018 Power House Award (highest scoring studio at On Point Regional)
Steller Award Recipient, Beyond the Stars, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019





















$30 Registration Fee per family (for one student, or multiple)

Tuition is expected every month, even if your child is absent; you can drop off in the green outside mailbox or mail the tuition to the above address; but it must be RECEIVED by the 7th of each month to avoid the late fee of $20, with the exception of June - both May and June tuition is due by May 7th.


MONTHLY RATE:   $60 - first 45 minute class
    $55 - second 45-minute class or second family member
    $40 - third 45 minute class or third family member
(4th/5th classes, etc. are at the $35 rate for family members or if one student takes that many classes)

PAYMENTS: Due by the 7th of each month by 8:00 p.m. NO EXCEPTIONS. Payments can be dropped off in the green outside mailbox by the dumpster if studio is closed or put in the tuition box under the counter in the lobby.

CHECKS: Please make payable to Grace Myles OR Gracie's Guys and Gals Dance Studio. DO NOT put check in an envelope ONLY CASH GOES IN AN ENVELOPE. Put your child's name in the memo field of the check to ensure proper credit to your account. Receipts for cash will be emailed to the email address provided upon request.

RETURNED CHECK FEE: A $30.00 fee will be assessed on all returned checks. If this happens once, future payments MUST BE MADE IN CASH, or by money order, made payable to Grace Myles for tuition and costumes. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you write a check once you have a returned check it will be returned to you. If you have had more than one returned check in previous years you will be required to make all payments in cash.

CASH: Please place cash in an envelope. On the outside of the envelope please list the following: child's name, total cash and the month tuition is being paid. Receipts will be maintained until the end of the year for record keeping/verification purposes.  You will be emailed a receipt.

LATE FEE: If the payment is received after the 7th at 8:00pm, a $20.00 late fee will be charged, no matter what your monthly tuition. If payment is not received by the 7th at 8pm, an email will then be sent to you to notify you about your late tuition payment plus the late fee owed. This payment would need to be received by the 20th of the month to avoid an additional fee of $10, which will be assessed, and payment will be due by the 30th. If payment is not received by the 30th, then your child cannot participate in dance class until tuition is up to date. If you have an emergency situation, please contact Ms. Gracie directly.

OUTSTANDING DEBT: It is studio policy that a student cannot participate in the recital if there are ANY outstanding debts owed to the studio and/or show troupe. All outstanding debts MUST be paid no later then May 20th. Payments after May 20th must be made in cash.

WITHDRAWAL: If a student must withdraw, two weeks notice is required in writing to avoid having to pay tuition for the next month. You can email, or put a note in the studio mailbox on the office door, or outside in the green mailbox labeled GRACIES, by the dumpster.


Arrive 5 minutes prior to class time and put dance shoes on in the lobby. Please do not let your child tap on the tile. Parents cannot enter dance rooms with children; shoes should be placed on child in lobby. This way the existing class is not distracted and studio floors remain clean.

Students will not enter studio rooms until previous class is dismissed. Children should not be in an empty classroom to run around or play. Pick up child on time, there is no supervision. Thank you.


GIRLS   Ballet Class ages 8 and over - hair in bun, black leotard, pink tights

Tap/Jazz/Other subjects (preschool/combo) - Any color leotard or leggins, or dance/jazz pants (at the ankle) and short tee shirt (not baggy). Ideally, pants/shorts over a leotard is preferred. NO "SHORT" shorts are permitted. NO Bra Straps to be shown.

HAIR must be away from face and pulled back in pony tail/French braid/braid/bun. Hair should not be loose; all hair should be pulled back including bangs. Hair clips are NOT acceptable.
BOYS   Black or grey pants preferred or shorts and black or white plain T-Shirt.



SHOES Required:

Gymnastics: Does not require specific shoes.

Dance Shoe Information: www.DancersWarehouse.com

 Note: C is for child  A is for adult on the shoe styles

Preschool and Combo tap: Caramel N625C

Preschool and Combo ballet: 201C Pink

Combo hip hop: EJ2C (jazz stretch boot) black

Jaxx classes EJ2 beige

Tap classes age 8 and up: CG19C or CG09 BLACK

Tap classes for older kids: CG19 or CG09 BLACK

Ballet classes for Ms. Jenn: split sole Juliet 2017 starts at size 4 (various widths) Or
2033 leather cobra starts at size 4 (various widths) pink

Ballet child for ages 8 up style 2033c Leather Cobra capezio child pink

Hip Hop Shoes for Ms. Lisa's classes - wear sneakers until a shoe is picked out

(Pointe by permission only, email Ms. Jenn: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


  1. Any and all damage that occurs to studio property including props by you or your child is your financial responsibility to fix or repair. Gracie's Guys and Gals does not assume any responsibility for any damaged property or injuries.
  2. Children are NOT to be outside without a chaperone.
  3. No one is to go on the dock area by the Washington Post.
  4. Please drive slowly in the parking lot to be careful for little ones.
  5. No one is allowed to play inside any empty studio rooms.
  6. Children should not run with dance shoes on in the dance room.
  7. For the courtesy of others, please control your children in the lobby and outside.
  8. Children must be supervised on playground equipment at all times by their parent. Children play at their own risk and Gracie or the studio or landlord (WDAVIS) is not liable in case of any injuries. Children PLAY AT THEIR OWN RISK.
  9. Children under the age of 8 need supervision in the bathroom.


  1. Please remember to wipe your feet before entering the building so that dirt can be kept to a minimum, especially in the dance rooms.
  2. No chewing gum, food or sodas are allowed in the dance rooms or lobby areas.
  3. Water bottles only permitted. The water fountain is available before and after class.
  4. Make sure your child uses the bathroom prior to class; general policy is that no one is excused for bathroom breaks once class has begun (unless it is an emergency). Please remember only toilet paper and nothing else is to be flushed down the toilet.
  5. ALL soda cans and food must be eaten outside or in the lounge area, and placed into the small outside dumpster.
  6. Please do not ask questions, before or after class, because the instructors are trying to stay on schedule and be fair to everyone. If you have a concern, or question, please give the teacher a note after class with questions listed or email any teacher at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  7. CHECK THE GLASS BULLETIN BOARD IN THE LOBBY FOR UPDATES AND NEWSLETTERS. It is YOUR responsibility to keep informed; newsletters are posted on the web site throughout the year, usually the last week of the month. If you do not have access to the Internet you can provide stamped self addressed envelopes and we will mail the newsletters to you.
  8. Parent observation classes are held periodically throughout the year and are announced in our online newsletter as well as through emails.
  9. NO-ONE is to enter classes while in session; this is very disruptive and is distracting to the students, which is not fair to the students. Teachers will lock studio doors if there are continual interruptions.
  10. Recital DVD's, photographs, must be picked up by the last registration date. Costumes must be picked up no later then May 1st. After this date, they will be discarded.


Every 45-minute non-show troupe class will learn a routine for the annual recital, unless it is specifically designated a “technique” class only.  Some combo and preschool classes could be joined with other combo classes to present a second routine, which will require an additional costume; usually shorts and a customized t-shirt which is usually paid for in May.



Solo/Duo/Trio routines are restricted mostly to showtroupe students as they compete, but others can be considered at the teacher's discretion if there is availability. If interested, inquire with your child's teacher. This is for the dancer who knows his/her class routine first; and is ready for more.  We have set prices to learn a solo/duo routine for the recital. Please inquire if interested. 


Private Lessons are for tutoring or extra challenges but not necessarily seeking a routine are available and every teacher has their own rate.  The general studio rate is $60 an hour, or $30 1/2 hour.  Student Assistants can also tutor upon Ms. Grace’s approval for $15 per 30-minute session, or $10 per dancer for semi-private for a 30 minutes lesson with 2 or more dancers.


The Studio will ONLY be closed for the following holidays:

  Halloween   October 31
  Thanksgiving   November 25 - 29
  Christmas   December 23 - January 3
  Martin Luther King Jr. day   January 20
  Easter/Spring Break   We follow the St. Mary’s county school system, dates will be emailed, put in the monthly newsletter and the online calendar.
  Memorial Day   May 25


When schools are closed for in-service or other such holidays and on Monday Holidays we are OPEN and have class.  The only exception to this is Memorial Day.  We are closed on Memorial Day.


If schools are closed due to inclement weather the studio will be closed. When this happens, we try to schedule "make-up" time in the spring. If schools in St. Mary's County start late, we still have classes; if schools are dismissed early due to inclement weather, except for heat, we will NOT have evening classes. If after school activities are cancelled due to inclement weather, we will NOT have evening classes in order to be safe. If in doubt please check the website. If time permits, the room mom will call. We try to stay consistent with this policy even though at times we question why schools close due to weather, we need to have a consistent policy.


Each year there is a recital at a local high school, held in June (after school is out, USUALLY, the second or third weekend). A date will be known by November. We usually have 2 or 3 shows. If your child only takes one class per week, he/she will just be in one show.

No requests will be accepted for routines to perform on a particular day as it interferes with ticket distribution with too many students on one day. However if you have a unique situation we try to work with you.

Full tuition is expected in June. Usually May has five weeks, plus a full week, or two weeks in June, depends on when we have the recital, plus a run through at the Fairgrounds, the dress rehearsal (which is held at the school) and the recital all count as classes.

Dress rehearsal attendance is MANDATORY!

May and June's tuition is due by May 7th, to allow for bookkeeping. You can write One check for both months.

Family recital fee of $65 entitles each family to four (4) priority tickets per show the dancer is performing in, not to exceed 8 tickets. Additional tickets will be sold on a first come basis on a Saturday for $5.00 each in advance, $10 at the door. (CASH ONLY).

(The recital fee helps to defray the cost of the rental of the auditorium, the custodial fee, technicians' fees, stage light fee, sound equipment, printing of tickets, plus many other expenses).

The recital fee is due by March 7th and is NON-REFUNDABLE. This must also be a separate check for bookkeeping purposes. Payments not received by March 7th will be assessed a $20 late fee.

There is NO reserved seating. Ushers will assist you to seats on a first-come basis.
ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR DRINK is allowed in the school's auditorium.
NO VIDEO TAPING OR PHOTOGRAPHY is allowed during any recital show; a professional DVD will be available for purchase; more information will be available closer to the recital. You may videotape the dress rehearsal. Cameras or use of cell phones will not be permitted in the auditorium.


Each teacher will select a costume.

Costumes range in price from $65 - $95. Please know that the staff and I try to keep the cost of the costumes as reasonable as possible.

In DECEMBER, at the parent-observation class TBD, each student is measured and sized by the parent, and payment is due. I know that this may be a difficult time of the year, with Christmas, but hopefully, since you know NOW, you can plan.

Payment for costumes must be received no later than DECEMBER 14th or during parent observation week (To be announced in a later newsletter).

Costume payment is to be kept SEPARATE from tuition payments.

This year we will be ordering tights with the costumes, that payment can be included with the costume fee.

Costumes WILL NOT be ordered if payment is not received. If a costume needs to be ordered late, an additional fee of $30.00 towards shipping will be added to the original price.

It will be the parent's responsibility to determine the size because if the costume arrives and needs to be sent back to the company, there will be an exchange fee of $35.00, which must be paid by the parent before the costume is returned to the company for the exchange. Also costumes that are sent back may not arrive in time for group pictures. So, if in doubt, it is best to go up a size; costumes can always be taken in, but they cannot be taken out.

If you have an outstanding tuition balance, costumes cannot be purchased until the account is brought up to date.

Once a costume has been ordered it cannot be cancelled and a refund will not be given.

*If you withdraw before costumes have come in, it is your responsibility to pick up your dancers costume no later then May 1st.   After this date, the costume will become property of the studio and will be discarded.


  Studio logo T-Shirt   $15.00 all sizes
  Sweatshirts/Hoodies   $40.00 all sizes
  Studio Bag   $20.00 with name and logo
  (we will have sign up sheets in October, and payment is due when you order any items)


We need a room parent assigned to each class to help with dissemination of current information and for other purposes throughout the year. The room parent helps keep the communication flowing between the teachers and the clientele. The room parents will email and/or make phone calls to other parents in the class and all emails will be cc: to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This needs to be a very responsible, positive and supportive person. The room parent sits with the children at the recital and brings them backstage. The room parent receives his/her recital ticket free. If interested please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


It is expected that the children are well mannered and are cooperative in the classroom. The teachers should not be expected to tolerate misconduct. If, after continual efforts, misbehavior continues or a child that continues to cry does not cease, then the child may need to discontinue taking classes to be fair to everyone.

Message from Director

Encourage your child to practice! Once your child's routine is established, you may arrange a time with the teacher to videotape the routine so your child can also practice at home. Dance is like a sport or learning to play an instrument, it takes time to practice to get the challenges of learning accurate!

When communicating it is best to email and not to leave a phone message. At times the voice mail system doesn't work. I'm very good at answering emails, and you will receive a prompt answer within 24 hours if you email. It will take much longer if you leave a voice message. Thank you.

Remember, if the parents are supportive, cooperative and happy, then the children will have a more positive attitude towards policies and dancing in general! As I always tell my students, "Strive to do your BEST in everything you do! The more effort you put into anything, the more you'll get out of everything!" If you ever have any concerns the best way to communicate is to email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Trying to talk to a teacher during class time is difficult and not fair to the other students who are there for their 45 minute class time. Thank you! Let's make this year another wonderful memory!  You can email the teachers at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tappin' soul to sole,