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Newsletter for March 2018

Wow, it's almost spring! Daylight savings begins March 11th!

Spring Break is March 26-31st. Classes resume on Monday April 2nd, (even though schools are closed).

RECITAL DATES: June 15th and 16th (two shows) at Patuxent High School in Lusby, MD
DRESS REHEARSAL June 14th starting at 5:00 with the preschooler's.
Run Through at St. Mary's Fairgrounds June 12th. More info to follow.
(The show troupe does not do all their routines at dress rehearsal, so it may seem like costume changes are fast, but during the 'real' show the show troupe will be dancing so your child will have more time between routines.)

The recital line up will be available the week of March 19th, which is also, Parent-Observation Week, so, the last 15 minutes of your child's class time, you are invited into the dance room to observe. Please take a video so your child can practice over the spring break. Please make any corrections (for misspelled names) directly on the hard copy of the recital line up, which will be on the counter. Please do this by April 12th.

If your child is only taking one class per week, she/he will only be in one recital show. If you have multiple children, and/or one child that takes several classes, there is a good chance your child/children will be in multiple shows. You only pay one recital fee, and the family will receive four tickets for each show that your child/children are in.

Between April 9th -May 15th you can submit an ad for the RECITAL BOOK. The Recital Book has the lineup of all the recital shows, plus personal and business ads. Samples of past years recital books will be on the counter for you to observe. The ads pay for the printing of the book, and this way the recital book can be free to each family that attends the recital show.
Most dance classes take a group pic of the class to put that in the recital book with a message saying good luck to the kids and giving thanks to the teacher. Usually this is done during 'picture week' outside. This way each child's picture can be in the recital book, and when shared among all the parents, the cost is minimal.

Picture Week is April 30th – May 4th-- this is the week Classic Photography comes to the studio and turns the dance rooms into a photography studio! No regular classes are held. A schedule (close to the time of your child's class) is made so that each class can have a group pic and individual pics. The children wear their costume and fix their hair as they are wearing it for the recital. You can buy pics, but you don't have to buy anything. However, we do ask that each child is present, so we can have a group picture of everyone. Classic Photography mails the pictures out to each family usually within four weeks. You pay them directly the day of your child's picture and fill out the form the day of your child's picture. Price lists will be emailed shortly. All Preschool classes are usually held on Monday of that week. A schedule will be emailed out shortly.

The RECITAL FEE of $65 per family is due as a separate payment by March 7th, the same day that the tuition is due. Any late payments are accessed a $20 late fee. This will entitle each family to four tickets for any show that your child is in. Additional tickets can be purchased for $5 cash after the tickets are distributed. The date the tickets will go on sale will be announced soon.

Please remember when submitting your tuition put in the slot under the counter. Please do not put checks in an envelope, just cash goes into the envelope with your child's name. Make sure your child's name is on the check (especially if your child's last name is different than yours). Thanks

Reminder, May and June's tuition is due by May 7th so that bookkeeping can be up to date for ticket distribution by the first week of June. Tickets will not be distributed to anyone who has an outstanding balance due to the studio. Any late payments received after May 20th must be in cash. The studio cannot take any checks after May 20th.

Costumes are arriving; when your child's costume arrives, the room mom will be notified, and she will let you know!

The Show Troupe will be selling trophies, recital tee shirts, and flowers that you can order and pick up the day of the recital to give to your child after the show. This is their big fundraiser, which helps pay for their competitive expenses. More info will follow. So, when writing checks for trophies, flowers or tee shirts, you will make the checks payable to GG Show Troupe. The studio does not profit at all from this. As a thank you to everyone who supports their various fundraiser events, the Show Troupe pays for the stage decorations to keep the cost of the recital fee down for everyone!

Please have your child at class each week; the teachers are finishing up choreography for the recital. Thanks.

With nice weather around the corner, feel free to entertain your younger children at the GG Playground, and enjoy sitting at the picnic tables outside. There is a basketball hoop as well if anyone wants to use it. We just ask that all children be supervised while playing outside.

If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to contact me:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  Tappin soul to sole,

Ms. Gracie