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Newsletter for May 2018


Wow, recital is only about six weeks away! June 15th 6:00 p.m and 16th 12 noon, and 6 p.m. plus a Soloist Showcase 2:00-3:00 featuring all the soloists, at Patuxent High School, Lusby, MD

June 14th is dress rehearsal, starting at 5:00, and a ‘line up’ of the times will be emailed out to you soon so you do not have to stay the entire time. We do not do any competitive show troupe routines at dress rehearsals since they’ve had stage time with their routines at competitions, so the dress rehearsal tends to go quickly, but, just remember, that there will be more time in between routines for changing at the ‘real’ show.

Studio Recital Program FORM 2018

Due by May 10th (8 pm) and Pictures need to be submitted by May 17th (4 p.m.) Forms are on the lobby table! The ads’ help defray the high cost of printing the recital book (more like a yearbook).

There will be a very important meeting for the parents of all the classes, the week of May 21st. It will also be parent observation week for the last time. This is your time to ask questions about the recital, tickets, trophies, etc, following the brief meeting.

This is the plan:
Monday: Preschool 6:00 and 6:45—classes joined together to share routines with each other; Ms. Grace will talk with parents from 6:05-6:30; Parents go into observe at 6:30.
Tuesday: Preschool at 10:45 a.m. (Grace talks to parents in lobby)
Lisa has parents observe the last 15 minutes
Hip Hop at 5:00 – Grace talks to parents 5-5:30) observation the last 15 minutes
Wednesday: Grace talks with all the parents from all the classes in the lobby at 5:00; 5:45, 6:30, 7:15 and 8:00 (the beginning of each class) then parents can observe the last 15 minutes of their child’s class.
Thursday: Grace will talk with all the parents at 5:00; parents from the 5:45 Gymnastics class can try to come early to this meeting, parents can observe the last 15 minutes of their child’s class. Grace will talk with the 6:30 Combo class and then they can observe the last minutes of class.

Remember May and June tuition is due by May 7th. By 8 p.m.

Remember the deadlines to submit a recital ad, buy a trophy and/or recital tee shirt, or purchase a DVD of the recital. No videotaping allowed at the recital, no flash photography. You can video tape the dress rehearsal. Forms for everything is on the lobby table. The show troupe will be selling flowers also, forms to follows soon.

Join us at the Spring Fest this Saturday May 5th at the Fairgrounds, as the show troupe and several clientele classes perform at 2:00.

Remember what is required for dance shoes for the class your child is enrolled in;

MUST have for recital:
Combo classes: tan shoes, and black pull on jazz boots
Tap classes (ages 8 over): black oxford tap shoe
Ballet: pink ballet shoes
Contemporary: bare foot, or 'turners'
Hip hop: various according to the routine

  Tappin soul to sole,
Ms. Gracie