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Newsletter for October 2018

Classes have been going great! The teachers and kids are enjoying classes this year so far! If you have any questions or concerns email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Thank you!

Halloween is on Wed. October 31st, as in the past, we will not be having classes on Halloween. Some people may attend classes, but the majority do not, so we cancel classes and let people hang with their families and friends on Halloween.

The first parent observation class will be held the week of October 22nd. The last 15 minutes of your child's class you are invited into their classroom to observe. Feel free to take videos and pictures. We will be seeking a room mom for each class. The room mom will sit with the kids at recital (and their ticket is free) and she may send out emails to the class. She will be given a list of the kids' names/parent names/email and phone numbers within the next month.

TUITION is due by October 7th by 8 p.m. There is a late fee of $15 imposed on any late payments. There is a tuition box under the counter in the lobby that you can make payment. Checks do NOT need an envelope, the box becomes very cluttered when putting checks in an envelope; just remember to put your child's name in the memo part, and put into the mail slot. If you are paying by cash, please put cash in an envelope, with your child's name on it, if you want to receive an email confirmation receipt put your email on the envelope. Thanks. Also, if the studio is closed, you can put your payment in the GREEN mailbox over by the dumpsters, it has 44150 and GRACIE on the side of the mailbox. Please put all payments in an envelope when using the outside mailbox. Thanks.

To alleviate the parking situation on Wednesdays at 5:45, please drop your child off in front of the dumpsters (no parking in front of dumpsters) and let her/him walk up the sidewalk to the studio door... then after 5:55 you can probably find a place to park once the 5:00 class has been dismissed at 5:45 and has vacated the parking lot.

Please read the policies and guidelines online at www.GraciesGuysandGalsDanceStudio.com and become familiar with the agenda for the year. Reminder: recital costumes are ordered in December, date to be determined.

Unique Moments with Lisa and GG Show Troupe will be sponsoring two fundraisers to benefit the show troupe --- Halloween Party and Event on Friday October 26th! and a special event to include your pets on Saturday October 27th. Mark your calendars, more info to follow, just check your emails!

Thank you for choosing Gracie's Guys and Gals Dance Studio for educating your child in dance!

  Tappin' soul to sole,

Ms. Gracie