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Newsletter for March 2019

Just a reminder that tuition is due by the 7th  of March, and the family recital fee of $65 is also due by March 7th .  Remember May and June's tuition is due by May 7th  so that bookkeeping can be competed so that tickets can be distributed the first week of June. Anyone with any outstanding debts owed to the studio will not get their tickets.

We will be preparing the 'line up' for the recital over Spring Break and we will post the line up in the lobby for your review the week of April 22nd. Please check to be sure your child's name is spelled correctly, and make any corrections on the lobby copy.  Please do this by April 29th.  Thank you.

The room moms are collecting $10 cash payment for tights and need your child's size, through March 14th .  Please meet the deadline!
Important dates: (times and schedules will be forthcoming)
Fairgrounds run-through June 11th
Dress Rehearsal at PHS June 13th
Recitals at PHS June 14th, and 15th

Spring/Easter break is the week of April 15th, we will be open and have classes on Monday April 22nd.

The Show Troupe will be selling trophies, tee shirts and flowers for the recital as their fundraiser, and more information will be forthcoming.  The trophy will have your child's name and year on the trophy, as well as a special logo of the recital theme!

The children are making nice progress towards their recital routines.  Please have them in class each week so that formations and final choreography can be done.  Thank you.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  Tappin soul to sole,
  Ms. Gracie