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Newsletter for June 2022 

RECITALS: (at Patuxent High School, Lusby, MD)
Friday June 17th at 5:00 p.m.
Friday June 17th at 7:30 p.m. is the Solo/Duo/Trio Showcase
Saturday June 18th the shows are at 1:00 and 5:00

(arrive 30 minutes prior to show time to get seated). General seating, please have your party arrive with you if you want to sit together as there is no reserved seating. DO NOT PUT tap shoes on child until they get into the auditorium to sit with their room mom.

Costumes changes are done at intermission, unless they have two routines in first half or second half together. Parents are responsible for changing kids. If you switch room moms, let the room moms know that prior to show time.

The Friday 5:00 show -- as soon as the kids perform they will go to a special room with the room mom and student assistant to change their shoes and then return to the auditorium to sit. PARENTS: please bring their change of shoes, in a Ziploc bag labeled with child’s first and last name and give to room mom when you drop off your child.

Make sure all costumes/shoes/accessories are marked with your child’s name.

Girls should wear make-up and lipstick as the stage lights will flush them out. It is best for the girls NOT to have bangs.

If you are a room mom, arrive 40 minutes prior and you will be admitted first to get seated and when kids arrive, they can look for you in the back of the auditorium so kids as they enter can meet you. The first three routines will stand up and be ready to go down the hallway.

No smoking inside or outside of school property – county rule.

Dismissal from stage — the kids will walk down the hallway and meet you in the lobby. Preschool and Combo class room moms please be backstage to escort the kids to the lobby. Kids 8 and over should be able to walk down the hallway to meet you in the lobby. Absolutely no one will be allowed to be dismissed directly to the parent from the stage due to liability and safety restrictions.

INTERMISSION: The Friday show: Preschoolers and combo kids will go to a dressing room with the room moms to have a quick snack. Saturday shows, the parents can get their kids from the back of the auditorium and take them to cafeteria for a quick snack, but have them back, with any costume or shoe changes to their room moms in the auditorium within 15 minutes.

RULES FOR KIDS: No cell phones or tablets, the room moms do not want to take responsibility for these items, and where you start sitting is not where you will end up sitting. Please watch the show and be a good audience, paying attention and clapping to be supportive. At intermission you can change shoes if you’re in more than one routine; your parents will bring your shoes to you.

RECITAL TICKETS will be distributed the week of June 6th at the studio, inside. The tickets are distributed by the child’s NAME, a parent will need to sign for the tickets. If you owe tuition you will not receive your tickets until the debt is paid in CASH. No checks will be accepted at this time.

Fairgrounds run through Tuesday June 14th. NO COSTUMES. Only room moms allowed in the Tolerance Hall, to help line up kids. Parents can wait outside. The show troupe will be selling hamburgers, hot dogs, and snacks. ALSO:

  1. Tickets will be sold -$10 CASH for each ticket, if we have tickets left they can be sold at the recitals for $10 cash.
  2. If you ordered a trophy or tee shirt you can pick up when your kids are practicing, and you can give them their trophy after the recital is over.
  3. Flowers WILL BE distributed at the RECITAL. not at the fairgrounds. You can give flowers to your child AFTER the show!

Dress Rehearsal at Patuxent High School Thursday June 16th – parents can come into the auditorium to watch. You CAN take pics and you CAN video tape. YOU CANNOT VIDEO TAPE OR TAKE PICS during the recital! The ushers will approach you if you are videotaping or taking pictures. We are on a tight schedule, please have your child arrive in their first costume.

Video links for the recital will be emailed within a month, and if you have problems concerning pics that were taken from Classic Photography, call their customer service department at: 800-869-9515

This is an exciting and busy time of year! The kids and teachers have worked hard for this special event! Please stay seated, the shows are short. Be a great audience, clapping for each and every routine, the better audience you are, the better show you will receive! The kids’ strive to be recognized, and the more you clap and are supportive of their endeavors the more they want to perform! So be an enthusiastic audience! SMILE in the audience, we can see your reactions! We all want to please you! Try not to stress out, your attitude will reflect on the child! ENJOY the recital, this is the highlight of the dance year!

Thank you for letting us be part of your child’s lives and thank you for being cooperative and supportive throughout the year!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  Tappin’ soul to sole,
  Ms. Gracie