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Newsletter for March 2023 

Reminders: Family Recital Fee due by March 7th, with March’s tuition. Recital is June 16 and 17th at Patuxent High School. Dress rehearsal is June 15th. Run Through at Fairgrounds on June 13th. June’s tuition payment is due by May 18th. Full tuition is expected for June, with May having five weeks, the last week of May counts towards June, with one more full week; plus, we have a studio run through at the Fairgrounds June 13th, a Dress Rehearsal on June 15th, and recitals starting June 16th and into June 17th.

The recital fee is nonrefundable. The recital fee entities each family to four tickets to the recital that your child is in. (If you child is in a duplicate routine, this does not apply). Room moms get in free plus they get one extra ticket. The room mom will sit with the kids in the balcony and walk their class to the stage.

The spring break is April 3-7th. Classes resume on Monday April 10th, so please try to pay your tuition for April the last week of March or come by and put tuition payments in the outside green mailbox by April 7th, so that the studio expenditures can be paid on time. Thank you.

Parent Observation Classes will be held the week of April 17th, the last 15 minutes.

The show troupe will be selling trophies, tee shirts, and taking flower orders for the recital, and more information on this will be forthcoming. Also, we have a very special recital program, with the lineup, and personal ads, which help defray the printing of the book. We can get business ads as well. This way each family will be given a free recital book for a keepsake. Information about how you can place a personal ad in the book will be forthcoming. Books from previous years will be on display in the lobby soon.

As costumes arrive you will be notified so you (parents) can come into the dance class to help try on the costumes to be sure it fits your child.

This is the studio’s 35th YEAR celebration, so it will be a special recital!

  Tappin’ soul to sole,
  Ms. Gracie